Recalling Spring: Determined to Thrive

Spring seems to bring more of everything, such as more daylight, activities and events. It’s an awakening not only in lifestyle but in nature.  Nature revives itself and lets us know it with colors, smells and sounds. It motivates us to get moving.

A lot can be learned from plants.  For example, Nettle is one of the first plants to thrive during the early parts of spring.  It leads the way in nature even after a frost or chilly day.   No wonder it is a natural multivitamin that gets the body moving. I love to drink Nettles Tea year round, with each cup reminding me of  persistence and determination.

Considering the route a particular herb or food item took to make it to your table is another level of mindfulness, creating a deeper level of appreciation for healthy foods. 

Image: Nettles growing in the forest