Ginger Turmeric Juice Shots


These DIY Ginger Turmeric Shots have been giving me exactly what I’ve needed during this busy season. I didn’t time myself, but this process was fairly quick and the convenience of having these ‘ready-made’ is what really counts!  If your looking for ways to feed your family beneficial herbs, then this recipe is a keeper.   The adorable look of these makes them hard to resist by anyone.  Let’s feed the body some powerful nutrients with Ginger Turmeric  Juice Shots! 

DIY Ginger and Turmeric Shot
2 oranges
3.3 oz of turmeric
5 to 6 oz ginger
Add 16 to 18 oz of water

Juice the oranges, turmeric and ginger then add water. The water dilutes the strength, for a gentle consumption.

Use a mini funnel to pour into 2 oz glass bottles  Stir juice between each pour.    

Benefits of Turmeric - My Top 3
   Boosts Immunity

Benefits of Ginger - My Top 3
   Fights Inflammation in the body
   Boosts digestion

I’m keeping these readily available over the holidays! 

There’s so much to share about Ginger and Turmeric, that they each deserve their own spotlight.